:: Bunga Pahar ::

Mission to find my "Dream Bunga Pahar".. boleh ke gune terms tu? hehehe... A long2 way journey to find the bunga. Kitorang went straight to Padang Besar, Perlis just after Farrah's reception.

Heading to Padang Besar
Keadaan kat sane mmg sgt hectic..kebetulan kitorang smpai pasar tu dah nak tutup. So, we went searching for bunga pahar like crazy! And after few shops kitorang visit..sweating like hell..at last, ternampak this cute little thing put on top of the shelves. Ouh, the flowers is adorable! This is the one!

 White cute thingy

Bought 100 pcs of this..got good deal also! I like! :P

Hectic kan this place?


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