:: Table Deco ::

Today i surf the net on how to DIY the centerpiece for my guest table. Since for the wedding my family decide to do "rewang", so..definitely all the guest tables deco kena buat sendiri lah! Im sooo excited nak deco2 ni..and since B love to deco2 ni..i shall ask for his opinion.. sure he got lotsa idea. So, B take a look of some of these great ideas :
And this..I can't upload all of them, but these are some of my fav centrepiece. Nak buat jugak mcm ni! (rajin ke nk buat?) hehe.. jgn berangan je lebih! :D


After a few days of surfing other brides to be blogs.. i found this one cute n easy way how to make the centerpiece. I got the idea frm

Nice sgt..suke!!

Step 1 :
Step 2:And taraaa!!
Looks easy! haha..(ckp besar)..tapi tengok la nanti peluh ketiak ke tak nk buat nnt ;D Mizz Farrah, this is the piece that i told u about :) Aha..i think its nicer if we can mix up the flowers. eg : roses + babies breath + this white flower. Just to spice up the deco~

Ok, I'm done with the centerpiece..

Now moving on to the table clothing..xtau la ayah nak rent khemah tu skali ngan meja kerusi + sarung kerusi / meja ke tak..becoz he said that he wanted to rent the tent frm his fren. Kena confirm dulu..if it comes together wit the table+chair+sarung okla..lega sikit.

Since the very beginning I wanted my wedding to be all W.H.I.T.E :) so, the tent, table + chair clothing mestilah putih! (agak2 ade ke kt Tronoh tu?) hehee.. I imagine it to be sumthing like this..

:: all white + simple centerpiece ::
Next step..
Kira-kira The B U D G E T~~
(i'll update the kira2 after i bought the things ok?)


Survey result :

1 dozen of roses = RM14 (Petaling street)
3 dozen of roses = RM10(Cameron Highland)
* Super cheap kat Cameron niee....must grabbb everyone!!!


Table Napkin

I want table napkin to complete the deco (utk meja mkn beradap je la ye!) kalau nak buat utk semua table pengsan nanti! hehe.. So, gooogled out..jmpa this one cool link on how to DIY you table napkin. Please click here!

And this is my fav design! suke sgt!

                                              :: Tapi saye nak color pink! ::

The page is really cool! Tunjuk step by step on how to DIY the table napkin. So, for mine..this is how we do it :

Step 1 : Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

Step 2 : Fold the napkin in half and the re-open it, leaving a crease in the center.

Step 3 :  Accordion-fold the napkin up to the crease, ensuring that the final fold rests nicely on the crease. This will help you keep the ends of the fan uniform.

Step 4 : Finish accordion-folding the napkin.

Step 5 : Fold the fan in half as shown.  

Step 6 : Insert the folded end into a napkin ring. It's a fan suitable for a samurai. A hungry samurai. And...DONE!


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