:: Borang Nikah ::

How to get the form?

Just go to the nearest Pejabat Agama Islam and ask for this form. Bayaran hanya Rm1 shj. For mine, my beloved dad yang tolong amekkan. They will give the form together with the checklist. Checklist ni sgt membantu! After semua dlm checklist dah complete..boleh la submit form. Kene submit paling awal pon 3 months before the suggested date.

:: the checklist 4 wedding procedure ::

:: Borang permohonan Nikah ::

But I prefer to submit this form early..senang.. So, now..HIV test je yg tak buat lagi sebab kene buat test paling awal pon 6 months b4 the suggested date. Date for HIV Test yang dah booked will be on 3th June 2011. Lepas ni boleh terus submit! yeay!


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