:: Borang Nikah ::

How to get the form?

Just go to the nearest Pejabat Agama Islam and ask for this form. Bayaran hanya Rm1 shj. For mine, my beloved dad yang tolong amekkan. They will give the form together with the checklist. Checklist ni sgt membantu! After semua dlm checklist dah complete..boleh la submit form. Kene submit paling awal pon 3 months before the suggested date.

:: the checklist 4 wedding procedure ::

:: Borang permohonan Nikah ::

But I prefer to submit this form early..senang.. So, now..HIV test je yg tak buat lagi sebab kene buat test paling awal pon 6 months b4 the suggested date. Date for HIV Test yang dah booked will be on 3th June 2011. Lepas ni boleh terus submit! yeay!

:: Bunga Rampai ::

Bunga rampai..at 1st I thought this is the least important thing in a wedding. But, guess I was wrong. Lepas bace this one bride-to-be blog..baru la saya sedar it plays a BIG role in a wedding utk menaikkan semangat kekahwinan seseorang (boleh ke ckp cmni?) ahaha...

So, i went out searching for the ingredients for the Bunga Rampai..will update soon ya! 

Dah jumpa pewangi utk Bunga rampai ni. Penatnyeee mencari kat Jln Masjid India tu. Sebab I have no idea how it look like and how it smells like! And we went to this big Supermarket that called Haniffa. Sgt la grand ye supermarket ni. Semua benda ada! Kitorang tanya sales person kat sana semua tak tau ape mende pewangi bunga rampai ni. And time tu dorang bagi Air Mawar pulak dah. ishh..mcm mane la nk bgtau dorang ni.

Last2, kitorang gi naik tingkat atas..baru la the sales person tu paham ape mende yg kitorang cari. Its in a green bottle called Patchouli! And at 1st i was soo not convinced with the smell.. And after i got back..terus cari daun pandan to test on the smell with daun pandan. YES! this is the smell that I wanted!. Okeh, satu bende dah setel. Nnt time dah nk dekat senang, tinggal nak potong daun pandan je. Just nnt letak sikit2 je perfume ni sebab bau die kuat :)

:: Rosette ::

I want something different for the rosette..tanak yang ordinary sgt..nak yg extraordinary *smile* so, i googled and found this..

sangat comel! Nak buat mcm ni jugak! hehe..tapi masalahnye..mane nak cari "bulu-buluan" ni???

One fine day, we went up to Semua House, heaven for weds preps :) looking for stuffs to make the rosette. Mcm org giler cari tiny2 flowers. Habes semua kedai kene selongkar..hehe..after keluar-masuk kedai2 kat sane atlast jumpa jugak this cute tiny flowers. Ingatkan nk beli pink flowers, tapi xcntik pulak. Last2, i took the purple flowers.

Ok, done with the flowers, now nak cari bulu-buluan ni..Ingatkan nak beli kat Petaling Street sebab haritu jln2 kat sana ada jumpa this bulu-bulu. Tetibe, tgh2 choose ribbons for the rosette..suddenly ternampak the bulu-buluan kat ceruk bawah tu. heeee...naseb baik nampak! Then, i checked the price.. RM3.90 for 10pcs! super cheap! sebab if compared to the PS bulu -->RM7.++ for 5 pcs. *happy!*

So i bought 2 packets of the bulu, 1 pack of straight pins (ada 20 pcs) and 2 pack of small flowers (40pcs).  

So, it's DIY time! Im SUPER excited!

Hye readers,

Mesti uols excited kan ape jadi with my DIY project ni? Hehehe.. Ni lar hasil kerja tgn yang tak seberapa creative ni..

In order to make this this happen (cewahh!), U just need :

1. White feather
2. Black lacy ribbons
3. Glue gun
4. Tiny flowers
5. Straight pin

Just lekat2 je sumer benda2 tu..and jadi la nnt mcm ni! senang kan?

:: Hantaran for Bride ::

Hantaran for Bride :

1. Make-up set - done! frm Clinique
2. Perfumes - done! frm Issey Miyake
3. Ring - done! frm Habib Jewel (to bring during nikah)
4. Sireh junjung - done! (to bring during nikah)
5. Handbag - done! frm Charles & Keith
6. Shoes - done! frm Charles & Keith

Please click the link to check out the items!

For my hantaran actually plan nk bg 5 item je. Tp fhm2 je la, org2 tua ni..mesti nk tambah itu ini..so, jd la bercampur aduk brg2 hantaran tu (which im not very happy). Tp nk buat cmne kan. Redha je la... 

So, ni la hasilnye..(gubahan n rekaan my step-mother in-law) :

:: Hantaran for Groom ::

Just got back from Srwk for the work thingy..sgt penat! Smpai KL pon dh mlm and the next day lemau tahap gaban! Tapi B pulak semangat giler ajak pegi shopping barang for hantaran.

So, we went to SOGO (mcm biasela..port2 murah nk shopping brg for wedding kan?). Kat sana dah dapat beli most of his hantaran..which are :

1. Perfume set - done! frm Issey Miyake
2. Shoes - done!
3. Kemeja - done!
4. Sling bag - done!
5. Ring - pending
6. Tepak sireh - pending
7. Undecided

Got promo for the perfumes! (but selected perfumes only ok!). Antara perfume yang ade good promo adelah Giorgio Armani, Issey Miyake, Polo & Hugo Boss. Intai2 jugak kat Chanel punye counter, but sadly xde promo *sigh!*. And, finally kitorang took this cute couple set perfume, sgt murah rase mcm nk menangis! 

There is only one item for the hantaran yang tak decide lagi..will update later ya!

:: HIV Test ::

I've booked for the HIV test @ Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya. I didn't know about this test until i got the Borang Pendaftaran Nikah stated that I have to attached the result of the test together with other documents. So, i started to call the clinic to find out the procedure for the test.

I was told to make the appointment 1st @ the nearest gov clinic. After the date set, baru la later I have to come again for the test. So, i've booked a date which is on 3rd of June 2011 (Friday). The tricky thing is that the test only valid for 6 months. So, calculate urself so that u will not waste your blood and time!.

HIV test appointment sheet

:: Bunga Pahar ::

Mission to find my "Dream Bunga Pahar".. boleh ke gune terms tu? hehehe... A long2 way journey to find the bunga. Kitorang went straight to Padang Besar, Perlis just after Farrah's reception.

Heading to Padang Besar
Keadaan kat sane mmg sgt hectic..kebetulan kitorang smpai pasar tu dah nak tutup. So, we went searching for bunga pahar like crazy! And after few shops kitorang visit..sweating like hell..at last, ternampak this cute little thing put on top of the shelves. Ouh, the flowers is adorable! This is the one!

 White cute thingy

Bought 100 pcs of this..got good deal also! I like! :P

Hectic kan this place?

:: Kursus Kahwin ::

Kursus kawin?
Very important! Why? --> to gain knowledge and a basic guidelines about marriage and what we have to go thru once kite lafaz "aku terima nikahnya..". I heard so much about other people experiences mase berkursus. Some are bad and some are okay. Hopefully, mine will be ok :)

So, i've decided to take the kursus @ Putrajaya. Senang sikit sebab dekat je ngan rumah. Hopefully it will be fun & tak boring! So, booked for the kursus on 19&20 March 11.
To those who are still looking for kursus Pra-Perkahwinan around Putrajaya..u guys can go to Al-Shahir. The registration is soo customer oriented, can register online or just sms them. Piece of cake! Interested? just click here!

map to tempat berkursus Al-Shahir

Will update the review about kursus ni later ok?
Arghhh!!! I have to postponed the kursus A.G.A.I.N! Suddenly have to go to Sarawak this weekend..work thingy.. *sigh*. Later will update the new date for this kursus :(


Done with the kursus on 26 & 27 March. Overall kursus ni quite ok. Even ade 2 or 3 slots yg memboringkan. Tapi mmg tabik spring sorang penceramah ni. Tajuk ceramah mengenai akhlak. The way he send the msg sgt lawak! Dari start smpai habis ceramah tergelak2..suke!

A JourNey to Mizz Farrah's Reception @ Penang

Today our mission to Mizz Farrah's reception @ Penang. Pagi2 sgt la kalut nk bersiap2.. (gedik je kan..kalah org yg nk kawen nieh). Now, we are on our way..The time now is at10.36 am..but still kitorang kat Jelapang (sempat ke nak sampai Penang on time niehh??) Hopefully sempat la ye! Fingers cross! can't wait to attend d ceremony.. I''ll update after the ceremony later k?

Nak dekat smpai Penang baru teringat wedding card tak bawak! Alamak!!
! But luckily ade B yg terer carik rmh Mizz Farrah. Masuk2 je entrance dh nmpk banner Farrah + Nizam (fuhh...lega! betul la rmh ni!). And a very good assistance frm RELA memudahkan kitorang parking di perkarangan rumah. ( Nnt nk tnye Farrah cmne die hire RELA guys to help, sbb mmg senang if we can get their help to assist on the traffic).
Mr. B yg terer carik jalan gi rmh Mizz Farrah :)

Masuk2 je rmh Farrah, there's a cute hallway..and nmpk a few white khemah tersergam indah. Sgt indah mata memandang..plus the tent deco pon sgt cantik. Creative betul! So, there's a few pic utk tatapan semua..

Ni meja mkn beradap + tent deco :)The beautiful bride with her flower girls and boys

COngratulations my dear and have a bLasT marriage!