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Kursus kawin?
Very important! Why? --> to gain knowledge and a basic guidelines about marriage and what we have to go thru once kite lafaz "aku terima nikahnya..". I heard so much about other people experiences mase berkursus. Some are bad and some are okay. Hopefully, mine will be ok :)

So, i've decided to take the kursus @ Putrajaya. Senang sikit sebab dekat je ngan rumah. Hopefully it will be fun & tak boring! So, booked for the kursus on 19&20 March 11.
To those who are still looking for kursus Pra-Perkahwinan around Putrajaya..u guys can go to Al-Shahir. The registration is soo customer oriented, can register online or just sms them. Piece of cake! Interested? just click here!

map to tempat berkursus Al-Shahir

Will update the review about kursus ni later ok?
Arghhh!!! I have to postponed the kursus A.G.A.I.N! Suddenly have to go to Sarawak this weekend..work thingy.. *sigh*. Later will update the new date for this kursus :(


Done with the kursus on 26 & 27 March. Overall kursus ni quite ok. Even ade 2 or 3 slots yg memboringkan. Tapi mmg tabik spring sorang penceramah ni. Tajuk ceramah mengenai akhlak. The way he send the msg sgt lawak! Dari start smpai habis ceramah tergelak2..suke!


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