WeDding Favors for the Groom's Family

Pening taw pikir ape nk bagi for the Groom's family, after months for surveying..merayau2 kat Semua House..sumernye tak berkenan di hati. Last2, survey kt internet je kann....Finally, i have ordered a very cute n fancy favours for the Groom's family (fuhh..penat tau..even duduk dpn lappy je) plus with the help of my beloved cayang.. we hav finally decide to give this! Check this out :
:: i love3x the details & the colour~ ::
We both agreed with it and i have ordered the "Wedding Dress Candle". Expect to get the things by next week. Can't wait! ;)
My mood to plan my Big Day comes again~~~~
on Friday - 30th July 10 this item smpai kt opis :) hehe...came in a small box ( i imagine it to be a lil bit bigger) but it is soooo tiny~ hehe..comel je.its quite ok lar ... ok, this 1 done..nexttt!!!!


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